Restorative JusticeThe Celtic Knot represents the intertwining of the ancient Celtic peoples.  It is a symbol of peace within oneself and in  relationships with others.
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Restorative Justice


There are several (contested) definitions of restorative justice, but the following includes some useful 'signposts' or indicators:


Justice is done restoratively when we:

  • focus on the harm done, rather than the rules broken
  • show equal concern and commitment to those harmed and to those responsible for the harm, involving both in the process of justice
  • work toward the restoration of those harmed, empowering them and responding to their needs as they see them
  • support those responsible for causing harm, encouraging them to understand, accept and carry out their obligation to repair the harm and make amends
  • recognise that while such obligations may be difficult, they should not be intended as punishment and they must be achievable
  • provide opportunities for dialogue, direct or indirect, between the all those directly involved or affected as and when appropriate
  • find meaningful ways to involve the community and to respond to community attitudes and feelings about the incident
  • encourage collaboration and reintegration rather than coercion and isolation
  • give attention to the unintended consequences of our actions and programmes
  • show respect to those who have been harmed, those responsible for the harm, and justice colleagues.


Crime wounds … Justice heals


Adapted from Harry Mika and Howard Zehr


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